General informations

Phone: 514-661-0068
Code: 5731
Duration: 1350 hrs
Session: Sept, Jan
Sector: Administration, commerce and secretariat
Schedule: Sept 12, Jan 25, 2021
Number of units: 90
Status: Program approved in 2008
InstructorDev Team
TypeOnline Course
DateJun 28, 2020 - Jun 30, 2020

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Why enroll in this program?

Our program meets the real needs of businesses today and our teachers use the latest training techniques. Benefit from our experience and modern teaching methods. To learn more, call the ACCESS Centre.

  • The program is officially recognized by the Québec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports.
  • The professional training you receive opens doors to many kinds of jobs in both the public and private sectors.
  • The technological skills you acquire are highly valued in today’s business world.
  • You can start your own business or work freelance.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible candidates at

Program objectives

  • Provide students with the training needed to calculate and prepare purchase and sales invoices, receipts, payments, etc.
  • Give students the skills required to perform payroll functions, calculate prices, and manage cash.
  • Train students to carry out end-of-period and end-of-year accounting tasks.
  • Teach students how to complete an accounting cycle using accounting tasks.
  • Provide students with the skills needed to generate analysis reports and financial statements; to use spreadsheet, database, and presentation software; and to set up a basic accounting system.
  • Help students acquire oral and written business communication skills in both English and French.

Content of program

Module title Hours Units
Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 30 2
Research and exchange information 60 4
Produce tables and charts 60 4
Do calculations and prepare source documents 30 2
Format accounting-related correspondence 60 4
Write accounting-related correspondence in English 90 6
Process source documents in different types of companies 60 4
Handle cash 45 3
Use information related to legislation affecting businesses 45 3
Interact in a variety of professional situations 30 2
Communicate in French in an accounting context 75 5
Prepare the payroll 30 2
Write and format accounting-related correspondence in French 60 4
Organize and process data related to a company’s resources 60 4
Carry out daily tasks related to transactions involving receivables and payables 60 4
Ensure that they work efficiently 75 5
Perform calculations needed to determine the cost of goods and services 75 5
Perform end-of-period tasks 75 5
Perform year-end tasks 75 5
Produce an income tax return for an individual 60 4
Implement an accounting system 45 3
Commit themselves to the development of their career 30 2
Enter the work force 120 8
Total 1350 90

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