General informations

Phone: 514-661-0068
Code: 5841
Duration: 1230 Hours
Session: September 14, 2020
Sector: Administration, commerce and secretariat
Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8h30am to 3h20pm
Number of units: 82
Status: Program approved in 2008
InstructorDev Team
TypeOnline Course
DateJun 28, 2020 - Jun 30, 2020

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Why enroll in this program?

Acquire the certified training required to pursue a rewarding career as a pharmacy technical assistant. Our dedicated teachers provide training in a modern pharmacy ward setting with the latest medical equipment. To learn more, call the ACCESS Centre.

  • The program is officially recognized by the Québec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports.
  • The professional training you receive opens doors to many jobs in both the public and private sectors.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible candidates at

Program objectives

  • Provide students with the technical and basic skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to perform technical tasks while prioritizing the needs of the patient.
  • Acquire the latest technological skills to maintain and update patient files.
  • Acquire the communication skills needed to guide customers effectively.
  • Teach students to sell and distribute medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • Train students to establish effective helping relationships.

Special features of the program

  • The requirements of the job market and the legal conditions surrounding the hiring of pharmacy technical assistants are such that individuals graduating with a DVS in Pharmacy Technical Assistance must be at least 18 years of age by the time they enter the job market.
  • The term “drug” is used in different competencies to reflect the reality of the job market.  However, teachers may replace drugs with placebos or substitutes during the teaching process.
  • The Training students receive in the competencies Work-Related Tasks in Community Pharmacies and Work-Related Tasks in Health Care Institutions provides them with an opportunity to handle drugs as they learn their occupation in the workplace.

Content of program

Module title Hours Units
Analyze the occupation 30 2
Perform pharmaceutical calculations 75 5
Observe the laws, regulations and standards governing the practice of the occupation 30 2
Identify non-parenteral drugs and their characteristics 105 7
Take occupational health and safety precautions 30 2
Use pharmaceutical applications software for community pharmacies 45 3
Use pharmaceutical applications software for health care institutions 45 3
Do a practicum in the workplace 75 5
Perform customer service activities 60 4
Identify the characteristics of parenteral drugs 60 4
Make non-sterile preparations 30 2
Fill prescriptions in a community pharmacy 135 9
Fill prescriptions in a health care institution 135 9
Manage inventory 45 3
Make sterile preparations 120 8
Perform work-related tasks in a community pharmacy 105 7
Perform work-related tasks in a health care institution 105 7
Total 1230 82

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