General informations

Phone: 514-661-0068
Code: 5323
Duration: 450 Hours
Session: ASP
Sector: Administration, commerce and IT (01)
Number of units: 30
Status: Program approved in 2008.
InstructorDev Team
TypeOnline Course

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The training is given at a rate of 30 hours per week, we can adapt it to a minimum rate of 20 hours per week.

Non-Technical Wholesale Sales Representatives sell non-technical goods and services to retailers, wholesalers, and commercial, industrial or specialty establishments, as well as to other customers in Canada and abroad.

You usually only need a computer with Windows 10 and a high-speed internet connection.

Adding a second screen is highly recommended as well as a printer.

Objectives and conditions

Program objectives

Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become a qualified representative in the field of wholesale trade, communicate in a context of commercial representation, organize their commercial activity, acquire the concepts and principles essential to the practice of profession and quickly integrate into a wholesale establishment.

Targeted professions

(Emploi-Québec online LMI)
Non-technical sales representatives – wholesale (6411)
Salespersons and salespersons – retail (6421)

Relationship with the labor market�

Integration into the labor market (Information provenant du MELS)

Program overview

Semester 1

Code Title Duration Cost
Module 1 Trades and training (445422) 30 hour(s) $
Module 2 Professional relations (445435) 75 hour(s) $
Module 3 Time Management (445443) 45 hour(s) $
Module 4 Business Calculations (445454) 60 hour(s) $
Module 5 Representation (445468) 120 hour(s) $
Module 6 Prospecting (445474) 60 hour(s) $
Module 7 Integration into the workplace (445484) 60 hour(s) $
Z Student card hour(s) $
Total : 450 hour $


Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5

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