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Phone: 514-661-0068
Code: 5357
Duration: 1,485 hours
Session: DEP
Sector: Administration, commerce and IT
Number of units: 99
InstructorDev Team
TypeOnline Course

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The training is given at a rate of 30 hours per week, we can adapt it at a minimum rate of 20 hours per week.

You usually only need a computer with Windows 10 and a high speed internet connection.

The addition of a second screen is strongly recommended as well as a printer.

Objectives and conditions

Program objectives

The study program prepares for the exercise of the profession of secretary. In the exercise of their functions, the secretaries carry out the daily work and assume, in an autonomous way, administrative tasks to support the managers and the professionals. Their responsibilities vary depending on the type and size of the business. They are resource people in their work environment and act as agents or liaison officers between the various departments of the company.

Secretarial duties involve entering texts and data into the computer, drafting documents and designing presentations, tables, charts and model documents, with or without indications. In addition, secretaries can review, edit documents entered by another person and translate texts. They correct the texts, do the layout, bind and distribute the documents. The secretarial staff must also ensure the quality of the documents produced, at all times, by checking spelling, syntax and the application of grammatical rules.

In addition to producing quality documents, secretarial staff perform the following tasks: respond to clients; follow up on correspondence; organize meetings and events of varying sizes; perform document management by opening, classifying and updating traditional and computerized files and registers; provide occasional technical support for the use of equipment and the onboarding of new personnel; keep the agendas up to date by setting and confirming appointments; contribute to the management of the office’s material resources; perform accounting operations such as bookkeeping,

Program overview

Semester 1

Code Title Duration Costs
Module 1 Trades and training (460501) 15 hours) $
Module 2 Word Processing (460526) 90 hour (s) $
Module 3 Customer Service (460544) 60 hour (s) $
Module 4 French text revision (460515) 75 hour (s) $
Module 5 Document management (460554) 60 hour (s) $
Module 6 Presentation Design (460572) 30 hour (s) $
Module 7 Quality of written French (460534) 60 hour (s) $
Module 8 Writing texts in French (460584) 60 hour (s) $
T Home delivery / dispatch hour (s) $
Z Student card hour (s) $
Total: 450 hours $

Semester 2

Code Title Duration Costs
Module 9 Production of spreadsheets (460562) 30 hour (s) $
Module 10 Accounting operations (460596) 90 hour (s) $
Module 11 Letter production (460605) 75 hour (s) $
Module 12 Creation of databases (460613) 45 hour (s) $
Module 13 Cash management (460623) 45 hour (s) $
Module 14 Translation (460635) 75 hour (s) $
Module 15 Design of Tables and Graphs (460644) 60 hour (s) $
T Home delivery / dispatch hour (s) $
v CD / USB key Acomba student version to order on the site: hour (s) $
Total: 420 hours $

Semester 3

Code Title Duration Costs
Module 16 Visual Document Design (460656) 90 hour (s) $
Module 17 English text writing (460666) 90 hour (s) $
Module 18 Sofad digital media (460672) 30 hour (s) $
Module 19 Sofad English interaction (460683) 45 hour (s) $
Module 20 Correspondence Tracking (460695) 75 hour (s) $
Module 21 Sofad meetings and events (460704) 60 hour (s) $
Module 22 Logitell Reporting (460714) 60 hour (s) $
Module 23 Sofad technical support (460722) 30 hour (s) $
Module 24 Coordination of multiple tasks Sofad (460733) 45 hour (s) $
Module 25 Integration into the workplace (460746) 90 hour (s) $
T Delivery / shipping costs hour (s) $
Total: 615 hours $

Semester 4

Code Title Duration Costs
Total: 0 hours $

Semester 5

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