General informations

Phone: 514-661-0068
Code: 5227
Duration: 450 Hours
Session: ASP
Sector: Administration, commerce and IT (01)
Number of units: 30
Status: Program approved in 1999.
InstructorDev Team
TypeOnline Course

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Medical secretaries perform a variety of secretarial and administrative tasks in physician offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical settings.

You usually only need a computer with Windows 10 and a high-speed internet connection.

Adding a second screen is highly recommended as well as a printer.

Objectives and conditions

Program objectives

Develop the skills necessary for the transcription and production of medical documents comprising general terms of human biology, using general medical terminology and that relating to cellular activity, human body functions, movement and nervous system, and produce documents of a medical nature. Develop the skills necessary to communicate and interact in the workplace. Develop the skills necessary to welcome users, to prepare and monitor their case. Develop the skills necessary for the management of medical supplies and accounting operations related to medical acts.

Targeted professions (Emploi-Québec online LMI)

Medical secretaries / medical secretaries (1243)
Forensic rapporteurs and medical transcriptionists (1244)

Relationship with the labor market

Integration into the labor market (Information provenant du MELS)
Site AvenirEnSanté.com

Program overview

Semester 1

Code Title Duration Costs
449-004 Professional pedals (frais de transport) hour(s) $
449-265 Seen human body – encyclopedia hour(s) $
449-272 Medical terminology notebook hour(s) $
Module 1 Profession and training 15 hour(s) $
Module 2 Human biology 30 hour(s) $
Module 3 General and cellular terms 45 hour(s) $
Module 4 Interpersonal relationships 30 hour(s) $
Module 5 Outpatient consultations 30 hour(s) $
Module 6 Human body functions 75 hour(s) $
Module 7 Human body functions 30 hour(s) $
Module 8 Medical documents 75 hour(s) $
Module 9 Medical supplies 15 hour(s) $
Module 10 Accounting operations 30 hour(s) $
Module 11 Work integration (internship book) 75 hour(s) $
T Home delivery / dispatch hour(s) $
Z Student card (Mandatory) hour(s) $
Total : 450 hour $

Semester 2

Code Title Duration Costs
Total : 0 hours $

Semester 3

Code Title Duration Costs
Total : 0 hours $

Semester 4

Code Title Duration Costs
Total : 0 hours $

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