International Students

One of the most important job in any companies relying on computers for its operations, is the availability of computer support; someone knowledgeable enough to assist users on software and problem and technical issues. Our knowledgeable and skillful professors developed teaching methods that not only keep students’ attention but engage the students and motivate them to go much further.




Following the courses, the students will start a 8-week internship in a real working environment to apply their knowledge and skills



  • Computer network technician
  • Electronic service technician
  • User Support Agent 

Program Content

Code Statement of competency

Hours / Credits

962-012Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process30/2
962-025Analyze the architecture and operation of computer systems 75/5
962-038Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using older technology 120/8
962-043Apply a problem-solving method 45/3
962-052Research information 30/2
962-068Develop a utility program 120/8
962-074Interact in various work situations 60/4
962-088Exploit the possibilities of application software 120/8
962-096Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using recent technology 90/6
962-106Create and use a database 90/6
962-116Install the hardware and software of a computer 90/6
962-122Manage their time 30/2
962-135Communicate in French 75/5
962-148 Manage access to the resources of a network 120/8
962-157Install the shareable resources of a network 105/7
962-166Exploit the possibilities of telecommunications facilities 90/6
962-173Manage their careers 45/3
962-186Troubleshoot a computer problem 90/6
962-194Optimize the performance of a computer 60/4
962-205Provide technical support at a telephone help desk 120/8
962-218Ensure the proper operation of computers in the workplace 120/8
962-228Provide service to clients in the workplace 1800/120